Accepted Papers

Note that the titles/authors may change and papers may be withdrawn. For the final titles/authors, please refer to the proceedings when they are out.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

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Computer Vision


Deep Learning on Point Clouds for False Positive Reduction at Nodule Detection in Chest CT Scans
Ivan Drokin and Elena Ericheva

Semi-Automatic Manga Colorization using Conditional Adversarial Networks
Maksim Golyadkin and Ilya Makarov

Automated Image and Video Quality Assessment for Computational Video Editing
Konstantin Lomotin and Ilya Makarov

Identifying user interests and habits using object detection and semantic segmentation models
Petr Gladilin and Valeria Volokha


Efficient Group-based Cohesion Prediction in Images using Facial Descriptors
Ilya Gavrikov and Andrey Savchenko

Automatic Grading of Knee Osteoarthritis from Plain Radiographs using Densely Connected Convolutional Networks
Alexey Mikhaylichenko and Yana Demyanenko

A Novel Approach to Measurement of the Transverse Velocity of the Large-Scale Objects
Ivan Goncharov, Alexey Mikhaylichenko and Anatoly Kleschenkov

Unsupervised training denoising networks
Alexey Kovalenko and Yana Demyanenko

Natural Language Processing


ELMo and BERT in semantic change detection for Russian
Yuliya Trofimova, Julia Rodina, Andrey Kutuzov and Ekaterina Artemova

RST Discourse Parser for Russian: Experimental Study of Deep Learning Models
Elena Chistova, Artem Shelmanov, Dina Pisarevskaya, Maria Kobozeva, Svetlana Toldova, Alexander Panchenko and Ivan Smirnov

Do topics make a metaphor? Topic modeling for metaphor identification and analysis in Russian
Yulia Badryzlova, Anastasia Nikiforova and Olga Lyashevskaya

Generating Sport Summaries: A Case Study for Russian
Valentin Malykh, Denis Porplenko and Elena Tutubalina

DaNetQA: a yes/no Question Answering Dataset for the Russian Language
Ekaterina Artemova, Taisiya Glushkova, Alexey Machnev and Dmitry Ignatov

BERT for Sequence-to-Sequence Multi-Label Text Classification
Ramil Yarullin and Pavel Serdyukov

Ensemble-based commercial buildings facades photographs classifier
Aleksei Samarin and Valentin Malykh

Automatic emotion identification in russian text messages
Marina Kazyulina, Aleksandr Babii and Alexey Malafeev

A Comparative Study of Feature Types for Age-Based Text Classification
Anna Glazkova, Yury Egorov and Maksim Glazkov

Automatic Generation of Annotated Collection for Recognition of Sentiment Frames
Yuliana Solomatina and Natalia Loukachevitch

Metagraph based approach for neural text question generation
Marina Belyanova, Sergey Chernobrovkin, Igor Latkin and Yuriy Gapanyuk

Abstractive Summarization of Russian News Learning on Quality Media
Daniil Chernyshev and Boris Dobrov


Bot Detection Using Attribute Graph Embeddings and Bipartite Networks
Ilia Karpov and Ekaterina Glazkova

Federated Learning in Named Entity Recognition
Efim Luboshnikov and Ilya Makarov

Semantic Recommendation System for Bilingual Corpus of Academic Papers
Anna Safaryan, Petr Filchenkov, Weijia Yan, Andrey Kutuzov and Irina Nikishina

Prediction of News Popularity via Keywords Extraction and Trends Tracking
Alexander Pugachev, Anton Voronov and Ilya Makarov

Methods for Verification of Sentiment frames
Irina Matueva and Natalia Loukachevitch

A Multi-task Learning Approach to Text Simplification
Anna Dmitrieva

E-hypertext Media Topic Model with Automatic Label Assignment
Olga Mitrofanova, Anna Kriukova, Valery Shulginov and Vadim Shulginov

Convolutional Variational Autoencoders for Audio Feature Representation in Speech Recognition Systems
Olga Yakovenko and Ivan Bondarenko

Did You Just Assume My Vector? Detecting Gender Stereotypes in Word Embeddings
Amir Bakarov

Investigating the robustness of reading difficulty models for Russian educational texts
Ulyana Isaeva and Alexey Sorokin

Social Network Analysis

to be published soon

Theoretical Machine Learning and Optimization

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Process Mining

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